In partnership with Lavelle Waste Services & bio-bean

The Coffee Recycling Co. collects your used coffee grounds so they can be turned into something truly usable.

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As an innovative new start up, we are the first in the North West to collect coffee grounds which are then recycled by our partners bio-bean.

Being coffee lovers and recycling enthusiasts, we want to help all types of businesses and organisations recycle their coffee. Everyone from independent cafés, major coffee chains, and commercial offices, to gyms and public-sector facilities, even those who are secretly drinking their coffee in hideaways we haven’t found out about yet.

Recycling coffee has some great benefits. Not only does it divert waste away from landfill, but the spent coffee grounds can be used to produce some cool things like biofuels in the form of biomass pellets and Coffee Logs. It can also help businesses save money on their waste disposal.

If you’re wanting to find out more about The Coffee Recycling Co. or how we can help recycle your coffee waste, then we’d love to hear from you.

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“The Coffee Recycling Co. helps companies to SAVE MONEY, is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and supports our partners in creating RENEWABLE BIOFUELS”


How does it work?

A New Alternative to Burning Wood

Coffee Logs Now Available

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You can now buy Coffee Logs direct from The Coffee Recycling Co. They contain 20% more energy than wood, generate more heat and even burn for longer.

Our Coffee Logs are available for £7.99 per bag from our recycling centre near Bolton. Ordering is easy, call one of our team members and we will have your Coffee Logs ready for collection or delivery.

So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and heat your home in a more environmentally friendly way, using a sustainable source of energy, contact us on
0161 302 5585.

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